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Rhino Industrial

Rhino Industrial sprayed-on elastomeric polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid solutions are 100% solids, VOC free and designed for reducing primary,secondary, and chemical containment maintenance costs and maximize equipment return on investment. Rhino Industrial coatings can be sprayed or cast onto almost any type of equipment and substrate material, no matter the shape, and if it is new or already in use.

All formulations can be applied from 1/8” to multiple inches thick. Rhino Industrial coatings provide superior protection from harsh chemicals and biological environments. Product formulations are the ideal protective solution to protect against spills, leaks, or leaking hazardous material seeping into the surrounding environment.


  • Tack free within seconds of application
  • Can be sprayed or cast to any thickness
  • Versatility (Formulations can be sprayed to virtually any substrate including: concrete, steel, metals, fiberglass, wood, and textile surfaces
  • Delivers exceptional corrosion protection and resistance against adverse chemistries such as gasoline, JP3, diesel, crude oil, condensates, brine water, hydroxides, solvents, peroxides, salts, lye, and several other harsh chemicals.


  • Frag Tanks
  • Trailers with Primary Storage Tanks
  • Chemical and Gasoline Tanks
  • Steel Holding Tanks
  • Water Tanks and More!
Rhino Linings of Ocean County