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Non-Slip Stairs Keep Students and Staff Safe: Case Study

July 30, 2013


Non-Slip Stairs


Non-skid surface


California Public Schools


Repair steel and concrete stairs and create a weatherproof, durable, non-skid surface.


Primer 161, Rhino Extreme™ 11-55


Expansion joint covers between the steel and concrete sections of the high school’s second floor balcony had badly corroded because of continual exposure to the elements. The steps of the stairway also were heavily worn and had become extremely slick due to the high volume of foot traffic over the years. Several staff members had slipped and fallen on the stairs, resulting in work-related injuries and time off from work to recover.


The district turned to an authorized Rhino Linings® applicator to repair the weather-damaged sections and weatherproof the concrete. The applicator chose Primer 161 because it can be quickly and easily sprayed, and it contains no-VOCs or heavy solvent odor to disturb the students or facility during installation. As a top coat, Rhino Extreme 11-55 coating was chosen for its durability, abrasion resistance, excellent flexibility for dynamic concrete and ability to be custom colored. In this case, the school chose an industrial grey.

All of the steel expansion joints were mechanically ground with an orbital sander and thoroughly cleaned. The concrete areas were shot blasted and swept clean; then Primer 161 was applied at 2-3 mils. Next, Rhino Extreme 11-50 polyurea was spray applied at 125 mils (3 mm) in a single coat, multi-pass method. The applicator also broadcasted aluminum oxide into the coating to increase the anti-slip properties and protect pedestrians from falls and injury.


Rhino Extreme 11-50 coating created a flexible, durable and aesthetically pleasing walking surface with the long-term durability and safety demanded by this client. To date no there have been no reports of slips or falls on the steps due to their condition.

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